Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This random picture of a couch was me trying to upload an image of max, but instead i selected the picture of the couch that was left in the basement when we moved in; i had posted a picture of it on craigslist to give away for free, to get it and it's loveseat out of our basement! Case and point for the annoyance i get from trying to keep the blog updated!
Blogging takes too much time; so i seem to find myself doing so many other things, some productive some not so productive. i am aware that this blog is out there... just haven't gotten around to wanting to do anything with it...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gosh, it's been so long since I've blogged. My dear friend Ellen goes in spurts on her blog, but I just got caught up today. I have so much to blather on about, it's hard to figure out where to start. Facebooking seems a bit easier. Takes less time and gets the point across. This blog has become less about Max and more about his mom. I might just need to create my own blog someplace else...
I do need to get some other pictures updated; we have city garden plot and we are so excited for it, we planted last weekend and i'm nervous we didnt start our seeds in time for this super short Minnesota growing season, apparently it's not uncommon to not have a season long enough to grow tomatoes Oh the HORROR! so this weekend i think we'll buy some plants at the farmer's market just to make sure. We have had some great moments there with Max, and a bit of a challenge, either he's too tired from needing to nap or sleep, or too hungry or too revved up to sit still and dig in the dirt... and making sure he doesn't step on the rows! The last thing I need to remember to bring is my camera, so we have captured NONE of it so far.

My sewing machine had finally fed me up enough that I sent it away last week to get tuned up. The guy isn't sure that you can get parts for it anymore c.1977, so we'll see what happens. I bought some ROCKIN fabric when we were in Seattle, I'm totally bummed that I finally went into this fabric store on the last day. I bought some great fabric, the woman said, "you're aware this is 20$/yard?" "oh yes indeed; you see i have a very limited selection of fabrics from a small Jo-Anns and Hancock fabrics". I am definitely going to make my planned skirt out of muslin just as Grandma Irene would have wanted me to. You know how sometimes after you rip out the seam for the last time, you begin to get tired of the piece and your fabric? Not this fabric. Can't wait to show it.

ok, tis nough for now.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where have I been?

It's been crazy busy. I remember when I was little hearing people say that; why we haven't gotten together with other families etc. But it's so true. I think I also realized that this Minnesota winter was especially hard on me/us.

We had been in Baltimore for three years, three mild mild winters, maybe it would get to 20 degrees and that was cold! and it wouldn't last for long. Here we had frequent wind chills of MINUS 20 degrees. I got out everyday other than downpours in Baltimore, not here. But alas it's March 14th, this is far from over, but at least it is Sunny and 40degrees today! We just got back from Puerto Rico a week ago, (which we planned to fall right in the middle/end of this all). It was much needed.

My winter depression is beginning to subside... I'm not sure where we need to end up for good now. A Minnesota winter is enough to cause me to 're-think' my plans for Upstate NY!!

There's so much to update; where do I start?? Facebook for one! I took the dive last night and can't believe how incredible it is to see so many people of my past! and get connected with those of my present.

Max is doing well, as long as we stay one step ahead of him. Keep him from being hungry and tired, that makes for a strongwilled toddler to not lose his mind in tantrums! He doesn't seem to be getting as sick as he has been since August, a sign that he is adjusting too. I think that I might have found a link to his irritability and nighttime wakings too, to a PABA supplement in his vitamin. I know my mother reacts when it gets on her skin and I believe that I do too; so it is quite possible that he would do the same if it's in his belly. I did a quick Wiki search and found that it is an added supplement, and I now I have forgotten what for.... so no more PABA vitamins for him. I wanted to avoid the 'flinstones' ones for the aspartame and artificial coloring; and there are other natural ones out there, just can seem to find one with Iron in it, the PABA ones seem to be the only ones I can find with Iron in them. So we'll keep on this. He along with the majority of toddlers certainly needs one in his diet. This diet that mainly consists of noodles and other simple carbs. One of the best pieces of advice I got from our Dr. Ganunis at Hopkins; is "my job is to offer Max a healthy well balanced diet, his job is to eat what he wants!"

So with this I adjourn and will look for some photos to upload.